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Make Camping with Toddlers Fun with These 40+ Ideas

Do you love camping but don’t know what to do when your toddler is along for the ride? This blog post will give you some of the best tips and tricks on how to make it through a successful camping trip with toddlers. It includes everything from packing lists, snacks, and activities. You’ll be prepared for anything!

My kids are mostly grown up now, but I still love camping with my grandkids! If you have a toddler in your life and you love camping, I want to encourage you to get out there and do it! Today I’m sharing some of the best ideas for camping with toddlers to keep them busy!

I went on my first camp out when my youngest daughter was just a few years old. From that point on I was hooked! And as a mom, I loved enjoying camp outs with my family. I love being outside with my kids and teaching them about the world around them.

I shared before some of my favorite tips for camping with kids, like having a toy tent set up for the little ones with games and toys they love to play with. Today I want to share some more ideas that make camping with toddlers a lot more enjoyable – for both the toddlers and the parents!

If or when you buy new things for your toddler to enjoy while camping, let them help pick things out! A quick trip to the dollar store will yield a lot of fun for your toddler on the camp out.

Also, you can buy those dollar store tablecloths and use them outside on the ground for your toddlers to play on or use at the table. Makes for easy clean up of crafts and other activities!

Remember: Camping with toddlers requires patience but it’s so worth it! I wish I had started camping when my oldest kids were little instead of waiting until I had my fifth baby. We have so many wonderful camping memories from the last 15 years!

toddler on a camp out
family and toddler on a camp out

Best Ideas for Camping with Toddlers to Keep Them Busy

Remember to supervise your toddler while camping to prevent accidents like choking, drowning, getting burned by the fire, and any other numerous ways a child can find to get hurt!

  1. sandbox and sand toys
  2. glow sticks
  3. sidewalk chalk
  4. play tent and camping gear
  5. books to read
  6. water guns
  7. water balloons
  8. buckets and shovels
  9. totes for water play or bath time
  10. blow up kiddie pool
  11. lanterns
  12. sparklers
  13. dollar store toys and crafts
  14. bubbles
  15. coloring books and crayons
  16. camping printables
  17. Hot Wheels cars
  18. monster trucks and dump trucks
  19. craft kits
  20. stickers
  21. wooden block set
  22. tricycle
  23. collapsible wagon
  24. bathtub markers to use on a washable tablecloth
  25. butterfly nets
  26. bug catchers and jars
  27. ribbon dancers (ribbon on a stick)
  28. play doh
  29. rain boots

More Necessities When Camping with Toddlers

  1. first aid kit
  2. baby wipes
  3. extra towels
  4. extra socks
  5. extra clothes
  6. sunscreen
  7. bug repellent
  8. flashlights
  9. headlamps
  10. extra blankets
  11. playpen/play yard
  12. portable fence
  13. portable potty
  14. sleeping sound machine or app

With these 40+ must-haves for a family camping trip with toddlers, you’ll have all the information to make this an amazing experience. We hope you enjoyed our list of camping with toddlers must-haves. Be sure to share this post with the buttons below and let us know what your favorite toddler-friendly camping gear is! Thanks again for reading and happy camping!

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