Set up your campsite with safety in mind.

How to Make Camping Easier with Kids

Going camping is the best, it’s a great chance for quality family time or hanging out with friends. It gets a little more complicated when you add kids to the mix, though. Which can be a little overbearing considering this is supposed to be a time to relax.

Have no worries though because I am going to give you a few tips and tricks on how to make camping easier with kids. This way you won’t ever run into a problem and you can all relax and enjoy each other’s company.

How to Make Camping Easier with Kids @

The first time I went camping with my kids, it was tough. There were so many things to think about and pack for the trip that I felt overwhelmed. But, after dozens of family camp outs with lots of young children, I’ve learned a few simple tricks that really make a big difference in making camping easier with kids.

How to Make Camping Easier with Kids

Many of us have fond memories of camping as a kid. But, how do you make it fun for your own kids with as little stress as possible? Here are some ideas to make your next family outing more enjoyable for everyone in the family.

Camp Layout

Believe it or not, setting your camp up a certain way can help to ensure your child’s safety. It can be very helpful in making things a lot easier on you, you can read this post learn more about the best camping layouts that would be the best for you and your kids the next time you go camping.

Set up your campsite with safety in mind.

High Chair

Don’t let the fact that you’re camping stop your child from eating like they do at home. Invest in a camping high chair, they are fairly inexpensive and if you have a little one it will make things a lot less difficult on you when it comes to mealtime.

Here are few of my suggestions:

DIY Hand Washing Station

This is super easy to make and will help your kids be a lot less messy. It will also prevent them from sticking their s’more covered hands over everything and making it all sticky. Trust me.

Just take a plastic 2 gallon water dispenser and spray paint it black (if desired), set in a sunny area (this way the water will get warm), and put a towel (or paper towels) next to the station along with some soap.

Toy Tub

This is a lifesaver if you want to take your kids’ toys along (or if they want to bring them) you can now do that and make sure they won’t get lost by keeping them in a tub. It also makes it easy for packing, now your kids can keep themselves occupied when you need a break.

Play Room Tent

Pack an extra tent, one that is fairly small. Set it up close to where everyone will be so you have a clear sight of it. Put in blankets and your kid’s toy tub! Viola! You’ve got a makeshift camping playroom.

A play tent in your campsite is a great idea.

Sunscreen/Bug Repellent

I don’t know if you knew this or not but they now make sunscreen with bug repellent, all in one! This means you don’t have to worry about forgetting one or the other. You’ll be fully prepared so you won’t have to have a kid covered in bug bites or one that is sunburnt and sore.

Camping with your kids doesn’t have to be complicated, it can be a blast! All you have to do is figure out how to make it that way and with these few tips and tricks on how to make camping easier with kids, you will be set for the next time you go camping. These are just a few of many helpful tips and tricks to make camping easier with kids. Have you used any of these before? Which one is your favorite?

I hope these tips have been helpful. Now that you know how to make camping easier with kids, be sure to share this post on Pinterest or Facebook so other parents can take advantage of these ideas as well!

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