Finding Educational Opportunities while Camping @

Finding Educational Opportunities While Camping with Kids

The definition of education is an enlightening experience. Camping in and of itself is an enlightening and fun experience, but that doesn’t mean you can’t take advantage of the opportunity. Whether you are a homeschooling family like us or not – there are tons of educational opportunities to grow and expand on while you’re camping with your kids.

Today I’m sharing some of my favorite educational opportunities while camping with kids.

Finding Educational Opportunities while Camping @

Finding Educational Opportunities While Camping

Here are a few ways to make camping an educational opportunity:

Explore Nature

When you get out in the woods, take the time to walk through the trails, look at the different trees, and explore nature in a new way. Nature, in essence, is teaching your kids science. Foster that educational opportunity by documenting what you see on your nature walks.

As a homeschooling mom, one of my favorite things to do is explore nature with my kids! Keeping a nature journal and bringing it along on a camp out is a great way to document your findings.

Take pictures of different animals, insects, flowers, trees, and bugs. Talk about the similarities and differences between the trees. Bring along a few field guides and you can identify unusual species of plants, birds, and insects!

Delve into the Constellations

From our days and nights to our calendars and holidays, the stars have helped society in numerous ways. Take star gazing as an educational opportunity to delve into learning about the constellations, different cultures, and what we know about the Earth’s rotation when compared to the moon.

Work on Navigation Skills

One of the great things about camping is the adventure of getting lost in the woods {not literally – ha,ha}. Take a trip into the woods and give your kids a compass to figure out the way back. Not only do you test their navigation skills, but you foster their survival skills. Try other methods of testing their navigation skills such as maps or electronic GPS to get you back to the campsite.

Finding Educational Opportunities while Camping @

Enjoy a Nature Scavenger Hunt

Before going into the wilderness, look up some of the different trees in your area, different bugs, or other animals. Write down the name of each one and print out a picture so your kids can find them in real life. Learning about the types of trees, flowers, and animals is always more fun in a scavenger hunt.

Finding Educational Opportunities while Camping @

Learn Survival Skills

In life, book skills are great to have, but we must know how to survive in dire situations. You never know when you will need to survive in the wilderness on your own. Teach your kids survival skills like

  • how to build a fire
  • how to purify water
  • how to build a shelter
  • first aid skills
  • edible plants
  • safe and unsafe water
  • what to take on a hike for safety
  • how to deal with wild animals
  • how to use a compass

Go on a mission to discover survival skills – you just never know when you or your kids may need to put those skills to use! As a mom who usually goes camping without my husband {because he’s a pastor and doesn’t usually have weekends off} I’ve taught my girls  how to survive in the wild.

Incorporate Writing Skills after the Trip

It is always easier to write about things you have experienced or know something about. Use your camping trip as a writing prompt to a story, a research project, or just as a way for your family to document a piece of history into your family tree.

Camping is a great way to foster the learning opportunity by exploring, experiencing, and enjoying the nature around you.

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