The Best Camping Snacks for Kids @

The Best Camping Snacks for Kids | Quick and Easy Ideas

The best camping snacks for kids are ones that keep them happy and full. That is why I have compiled a list of delicious make-ahead recipes plus lots more ideas for what snacks to pack on your next family camp out!

The Best Camping Snacks for Kids @

When you’re out exploring the great outdoors with your little campers (and big kid campers), they can get hungry at any time. It’s always good to have some healthy snacks on hand, so here is my list of the best camping snacks for kids.

The Best Camping Snacks for Kids

I’ve gathered some of the best camping snacks for kids from around the web for you today. You can make some of these ahead of time and even get your kids to help you make the recipes!

With so many recipes and ideas from some of my favorite bloggers, your little campers will be happy and full at all times!

Being outdoors has a way of making me hungry and food tastes so much better – and my kids feel the same way!

We love to cook while camping and make new memories, but we don’t want to always be worrying about searching for food when we just need a snack. Snacking should be easy. Grab and go. You know?

A quick list of 15 ideas for camping snacks:

  1. trail mix
  2. granola bars
  3. fresh fruit
  4. dried fruit
  5. fruit roll-ups
  6. fruit gummy snacks
  7. individual bags of chips
  8. nuts: almonds, cashews, pecans, pistachios, mixed nuts
  9. cheese cubes
  10. cheese and crackers
  11. peanut butter crackers
  12. individual yogurt packs or go-gurts
  13. hummus and crackers or veggies
  14. hard-boiled eggs
  15. jerky

The obvious snacks for camping are granola bars, fruit, and trail mix. They’re perfect for a quick fill-up when you need one!

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But to keep it interesting and fun for your kids, I wanted to share some new snacks that are great at any time of day while camping (or not).

10 Camping Snacks for Kids You Can Make Ahead

These snacks can be made ahead and stores in air-tight containers so their ready to eat when you are!

I hope you enjoyed this post! There are so many great options, I hope I’ve helped you find some new and delicious camping snacks for kids. Which ones will you try on your next campout?

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