Best Tips for Camping with Your Dog @ Pie Irons and Campfires

Best Tips for Camping with a Dog

If you’re like me, you can’t imagine leaving your dog behind when you go camping. If you’re a new pet owner (or new to camping) and have never camped with your dog, you may be wondering what the best tips for camping with a dog are. I’m here to help!

Best Tips for Camping with Your Dog @ Pie Irons and Campfires

Camping with your dog is a great way to enjoy your furry friend and get them outside and active. Kind of like camping with your kids. It’s just so much fun!!

But if you’ve never camped with your dog, camping could be a challenge for you and your dog. You will want to take care of their needs and make sure they are comfortable even if you decide to go camping with a dog in a tent.

Best Tips for Camping with a Dog

So, let’s talk about some things you can do in advance to have a successful (and fun!!) camping trip with your dog. 

#1 The first thing to do is to check the campsite guidelines about pets. 

Before you take your pet to any campground, you should ensure that there are no restrictions on bringing your dog with you – not everywhere is pet friendly. Often campsites have restrictions about pets that you need to know in advance. 

You should check whether the campsite has any specific leash requirements for your dog, or if it would be too much of an issue for you to take your loud dog to a quieter site. It’s important to respect other campers when you bring your dog along with you on a campout.

#2 Schedule a vet visit without forgetting before you leave for camping. 

If your dog’s shots are not up to date, it’s important to schedule a visit to the vet to get those shots before you go camping! You want to have proof that your dog has been vaccinated against rabies with you on your camping trip just in case.

Some things to check with the vet before camping are:

  • up to date vacinnations
  • proof of rabies shot
  • flea and tick medication
  • get your dog microchipped
  • grooming or hair cut as needed
  • healthy and fit for outdoor activities

This is our dog Marlowe while taking a nap on a camping trip last fall. Isn’t she beautiful? She’s an Irish Setter. You can follow her on Instagram here.

Best Tips for Camping with Your Dog @ Pie Irons and Campfires

#3 Remember to never leave your dogs unattended.  

You might feel tempted to keep your dog in the tent, or tie him/her to the tree for a while so you can go down to the beach or to go visit friends who camping across the camp ground. But, leaving your dog unattended is just asking for trouble. You want to always makes sure your dog is safe as well as make sure your dog won’t be barking excessively and bothering other campers.

So to ensure the safety of your dog and also peace for others, make sure to keep your dog with you at all times. Remember that having him/her with you all the time will only allow you to enjoy more time with them and make memories. 

#4 Sleep in the same tent with your dog.

If you are camping with a dog in a tent out in the forest, there’s a high chance that other wild animals are there as well. In those cases, it might not be the best idea to make your dog sleep somewhere else without you. 

Co-sleeping is something that can keep your pet safe throughout the night. It can also keep you both warm and make sure your dog is comfortable and sleeps peacefully outside. You can also find sleeping gear made especially for dogs to help them sleep better in the tent and allow them to rest. 

We have camped in tents with our dogs many times with no issues. Clean their feet before they climb into the tent and check to make sure they are unable to unzip the tent door on their own. You don’t want your dog escaping in the middle of the night!

#5 Remember that it’s your responsibility to keep your pet safe at all times. 

Dogs aren’t like humans who can talk and ask for help when they need it. You have to keep your eyes wide open to ensure that your dog is safe all the time. Campsites often have strict leash requirements as it’s one of the best ways to keep your beloved pet safe. 

When dogs are in a new environment, it is possible that they will be extra excited or anxious for the first few days. Keeping them on a leash enables you to look after them well and make sure that they are not in any sort of danger during the trip. You should keep them leashed most times except for when he/she is sleeping or you are in a fenced yard from where they can’t escape. 

Best Tips for Camping with Your Dog @ Pie Irons and Campfires

#6 Plan some fun activities you can do with your dog. 

Part of the fun of camping with your dog is doing fun stuff together and getting to see how much they enjoy the activities!

Some camping activities you can do with your dog are:

  • going on short hikes
  • enjoying meals outside
  • playing catch or ball games
  • walking on pet friendly beaches
  • boating or kayaking
  • swimming in the lake

Just make sure to follow the necessary guidelines when you take your dog to public places so you don’t disturb others. As long as you do that, you will be able to make amazing memories with your dog and enjoy camping with them for a while. 

#7 Enjoy the time you have together.

Though our pets are always around us, camping gives you a chance to make fresh memories with them and give them different experiences as well. Thus, it’s important to savor the time you have with your dog. 

You will feel amazing when you get to cuddle your dog at night in the tent and wake up to them nuzzling you in the morning. Even if camping with dogs can be tough at times, pets can make it so much more fun!. So make sure to do all these things and enjoy your trip more with your furry best friend!

Camping with a dog in a tent is lots of fun. Just remember, there’s a lot to consider so the camping trip is successful for both you and your beloved pet. It’s essential to take care of their needs well so they can enjoy the trip outside just as much as you do.

In this article, we talked about some practical tips that will help you prepare for the camping trip and also enjoy the trip with your dog properly. I hope that these tips help you out in case you had any doubts and concerns about camping with a dog in a tent and you can make precious memories with your furry friend on your next camping trip! 

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