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Best Way to Wash Clothes While Camping: Quick and Easy Tips

Camping is a great way to connect with nature and escape the hustle and bustle of daily life. However, one challenge that often arises during extended trips is how to maintain clean clothes. Worry not, as there are several effective methods for washing clothes while camping that can keep you feeling fresh and comfortable throughout your journey. So let’s explore the best way to wash clothes while camping, incorporating proven techniques and easily accessible tools.

These methods are eco-friendly, require minimal effort, and take up little space in your backpack. So whether you’re a seasoned outdoors enthusiast or about to embark on your first camping trip, these washing methods will help you stay clean and feeling great in the great outdoors.

Best Way to Wash Clothes While Camping

Choose the Right Tools & Soap

Selecting the right tools and soap is essential for a successful camping laundry experience. You can use a wash bag or even a trash bag to contain your clothes while washing. For soap, choose an eco-friendly, biodegradable option to minimize environmental impact.

Preparing Your Clothes for Washing

Before washing, remove any dirt or debris from your clothes. Turning them inside out is a good approach; this helps prevent abrasions on the fabric’s exterior. Shake off excess dust and dirt before placing them into your chosen container.

  1. Fill your wash bag or trash bag with water and add a small amount of eco-friendly soap.
  2. Place your clothes inside the container, making sure they’re fully submerged in the water-soap mixture.
  3. Gently agitate the contents of the bag by shaking or kneading it for a few minutes to loosen dirt and stains.

Environment-friendly Practices

When washing clothes while camping, it’s important to be mindful of the environment. Follow these guidelines to minimize your impact:

  • Always use biodegradable soap and avoid harsh chemicals that can harm wildlife or plants.
  • Wash your clothes at least 200 feet away from any water source like rivers, lakes, and streams, to prevent contamination.
  • Dispose of your used wash water responsibly. Scatter it on the ground, away from water sources and trails, to allow it to naturally filter through the soil.

By following these eco-friendly practices, you’ll not only keep your clothes clean but also take care of the environment. Remember, a successful camping laundry experience comes down to using the right tools, properly preparing your clothes, and adopting environmentally-friendly washing practices.

Washing Clothes While Camping

Camping is a fun and exciting adventure, but keeping your clothes clean can be a challenge. Here are some common and effective methods for washing clothes while camping.

Using a Wash Bag

wash bag is a handy tool for campers. This lightweight, portable solution is perfect for keeping your clothes fresh during your camping trips. To use a wash bag, simply fill it with water, add a small amount of biodegradable detergent, and put your clothes inside. Seal the bag, and give it a good shake or rub for a few minutes. Once you’re done, drain the soapy water, rinse your clothes with clean water, and dry them. A Scrubba wash bag is a popular option among campers.

Handwashing with Natural Water Sources

Another method for washing your clothes while camping is by handwashing them in a natural water source. Make sure to choose a spot at least 200 feet away from the water source to minimize environmental impact, and use biodegradable soap. Wet your clothes, apply a small amount of soap, and gently scrub them in the water. Rinse the clothes thoroughly, making sure no soap is left behind. Hang the clothes to dry on a line or over a branch.

Utilizing a Portable Washing Machine

For an advanced and convenient solution, consider using a portable washing machine. These compact machines are battery-powered or manually operated, making them ideal for off-grid camping. To use a portable washing machine, add water, detergent, and your clothes to the washer.

After the cycle completes, drain the soapy water and fill the washer with clean water to rinse your clothes. Finally, remove the clothes and hang them up to dry. This method is particularly useful if you’ll be camping for an extended period.

Drying Your Clothes While Camping

Drying your clothes while camping isn’t too hard, and with the right methods and some planning, you can easily dry your clothes efficiently. Let’s explore some easy and practical options for drying your clothes on your camping adventure.

First and foremost, a great tool to bring along to help dry your clothes is a portable clothesline. You can easily set up a portable clothesline between two trees or poles and spread out your wet clothes to air dry. Remember to bring some pegs with you to secure your clothes to the line, preventing them from falling off or blowing away as they dry.

Here’s a couple picks:

Another excellent item to have with you is a quick-drying microfiber towel. These towels are incredibly absorbent, lightweight, and can help speed up the drying process. Simply wrap the wet clothing item in the microfiber towel and gently press and squeeze to absorb excess water. This can be a real time-saver when you need your clothes to dry as fast as possible.

A bandana can also be a useful tool when it comes to drying clothes while camping. It may not be able to absorb much water, but it can be used to hang smaller items to dry, such as socks or underwear. Tie the bandana between two branches or to a clothesline to create a makeshift drying rack for your smaller clothing items.

If you’re going camping in an area with sunny weather, make the most of it and lay your clothes out in the sun to dry. The sun’s warmth and UV rays will rapidly evaporate the water from your clothes, speeding up the drying process. Be sure to flip the garments occasionally to ensure evenly dried clothes.

In a nutshell, drying your clothes while camping may take a bit of effort and creativity, but with the right tools and some strategy, you can easily dry your clothes and keep them fresh during your outdoor adventures.


Washing clothes while camping can be a simple process if you use the right methods. A traditional approach using a large container, water, and detergent works well for those seeking simplicity. Alternatively, using a dry bag for washing clothes provides a convenient and effective method.

When choosing a method, consider your personal preferences and the resources you have available. Remember to use biodegradable soap and leave no trace when disposing of your wash water. Maintaining cleanliness during your camping trip not only makes your experience more enjoyable but also helps protect the environment.

So next time you head out on a camping adventure, give try one of these best ways to wash clothes while camping and see which one works best for you. Stay clean, stay comfortable, and enjoy the great outdoors!

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