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100 of the Best Family Activities for Camping + Free Printable

Camping is a great time to reconnect with your family, and there are so many wonderful activities that you can do together! I’ve compiled a list of the best family activities for camping that will help you make lasting memories. Be sure to grab my free printable guide at the bottom of the post!

100 of the Best Family Activities for Camping @ Pie Irons and Campfires

Camping is a great idea for families! You can get outside of your house and explore nature. There are a lot of different places to go like mountains, lakes, and so many different campgrounds to choose from.

I bet if you look in your area, you’ll find lots of options within just a short distance from your home! You don’t have to travel very far to enjoy camping with your family. Of course, if you’re ready to take a long road trip camping, that’s fun too!

So you’re ready for some outdoor family fun. What better way to spend time with your family than camping? Camping is a great opportunity to bond, explore the great outdoors and enjoy nature. But what activities will you do while you’re out there?

It can be tough deciding what to do when it comes to having fun with the kids during a camping trip. I’ve put together a list of our favorite family activities that are perfect for any camper or campground. With this list in hand, you’ll never have to wonder what to do while camping!

When you go camping, it’s important to make sure there are fun activities for everyone in your family. Whether you want to have a really fun adventure with your family or just sit around the fire and make some s’mores, there are so many things that you can do.

You want to make your family camping adventure special. You can do this by using these tips:

Family Activities for Camping

  1. Swimming
  2. Skipping stones
  3. Fishing
  4. Floating or lounging
  5. Canoeing or kayaking
  6. Boating
  7. water skiing
  8. Tubing
  9. wave runners
  10. water volleyball or basketball
  11. Diving
  12. Snorkeling
  13. Have a water balloon fight
  14. Mad Libs
  15. Murder in the Dark
  16. Geocaching
  17. Blongo (hillbilly golf)
  18. Attack each other with squirt guns
  19. Lawn bowling
  20. Red Rover
  21. Bean bag toss
  22. Scavenger Hunt
  23. Cornhole
  24. Map-reading Activities
  25. Camping bingo
  26. Obstacle course
  27. Sleeping bag race
  28. Tree climbing
family skipping rocks on the water

Sporty Camping Activities for Families

  1. Kickball
  2. Ring toss
  3. Soccer
  4. Baseball
  5. Volleyball
  6. Disc golf (Frisbee golf)
  7. Horseshoes
  8. Capture the flag
  9. Hide and seek
  10. Corn Hole
  11. Lawn bowling
  12. Football
  13. Tag
  14. Red Rover
  15. Bikes
  16. Hiking
  17. Badminton

Relaxing Activities for Family Camping

  1. Float on the water
  2. Relax in a hammock
  3. Listen to nature
  4. Take naps
  5. Daydream
  6. Stargaze
  7. Read a book
  8. Draw or color
person floating in a tube on a river

Nature Activities for Family Camping

  1. Gather rocks, flowers, shells, pine cones, etc.)
  2. Birdwatch
  3. Catch Fireflies
  4. Collect bugs
  5. Catalog rocks
  6. Hunt for Fossils
  7. Camping Scavenger hunt
  8. Geocaching
  9. Go on a photo safari
  10. Search for evidence of Big Foot
  11. Picking berries (teach your kids about berry safety!!)
  12. Collect Firewood
  13. Find the perfect walking stick

Water Activities for Family Camping

  1. Fishing Swimming
  2. Snorkeling
  3. Canoeing
  4. Tubing
  5. Kayaking
  6. Bod boarding, surfing, or other local water sports
  7. Skip rocks
  8. Sunbathe
  9. Zorbing
  10. Ride a wave runner

Night Time Activities for Family Camping

  1. Go for a nighttime walk
  2. Look at the stars
  3. Play flashlight tag
  4. Flashlight Morse code messages
  5. Play hide and seek in the dark
  6. Go For a midnight swim
  7. Make shadow puppets
  8. Glow-in-the-dark games (like bowling, ring toss, cornhole, treasure hunt)
  9. Tell ghost stories
  10. Sing campfire songs
  11. Try out new varieties of s’mores
  12. Make colored Pire
night sky full of starts

Camping Activities for When It’s Raining

  1. Read books and magazines
  2. Play card games
  3. Play board games
  4. Play charades
  5. Do crafts
  6. Watch movies on portable devices
  7. Make up stories
  8. Make hot chocolate
  9. Paint rocks
  10. Measure the rain
  11. Sing camp songs

Fun Things to Cook while Camping

  1. Bacon & Eggs in a paper bag
  2. Pie iron pizza
  3. Ziploc bag omelets
  4. Camping quesadillas
  5. Campfire cone s’mores
  6. Taco in a bag
  7. Campfire street corn
  8. Hot dogs on a stick

I hope this post has given you some great ideas for camping with your family! Be sure to print out the free checklist provided so you can be prepared. Happy Camping!

Free Printable Family Activities for Camping

Family Activities for Camping @ Pie Irons and Campfires

How to Download

  1. Click here to get instant access to my free printable  Camping Activities for Families checklist!
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